Field Technician

Our client is looking for a Field Technician. The candidate should be able to work independently on-site Repair, maintenance, Warranty replacement of electrical appliances. Experienced in after sales Customer services. Apply now on

Qualification & Experience:

  • O-Level/Matriculation or DAE in Electrical
  • Minimum 1-year experience as Technician role
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Have knowledge of Safety Compliance
  • Must have practical experience of all Electrical consumer appliances


  • Installing ceiling fans, exhaust fans, air circulators, or other types of fans in residential or commercial properties according to manufacturer specifications and local building codes.
  • Performing routine maintenance checks on fans and other appliances to ensure they are operating efficiently and safely. This may include cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting components as needed.
  • Diagnosing and repairing malfunctioning fans and appliances, including troubleshooting electrical, mechanical, or electronic issues.
  • Conducting tests and diagnostic assessments to verify the performance and functionality of fans and appliances after installation or repair.
  • Providing technical assistance and support to customers, including answering questions about product features, usage, and maintenance.
  • Ensuring that fans and appliances are installed and maintained in compliance with safety regulations and industry standards to prevent accidents or hazards.
  • Communicating effectively with customers to schedule appointments, report progress, and address any concerns or issues related to fan and appliance services.
  • Providing guidance to customers on the proper use, care, and maintenance of fans and appliances to optimize performance and durability.

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