A Trading & Services Home appliances Company is looking for an experienced Accountant. Apply now on

Qualification & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s, Masters or Advanced degree in accountancy as required for the job and proven working experience in accounting or relevant fields.
  • He must be an excellent computer software user and have a thorough knowledge of accounting and corporate finance principles and procedures.

Job Description:

An accountant in an organization prepares, computes, manages, researches, and analyzes all accounting data, in order to provide quantitative information on performance, financial position, solvency, liquidity and cash flows.


  • The appointed accountant is required to perform the following functions and responsibilities:
  • Ensures that the accounts have been prepared in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework and legal provisions applicable to trade organizations
  • Ensures that the control relating to financial information systems exists and report the loopholes of the system to superior authority
  • Assist the internal and external auditor and provide all the financial data and access to the auditors.
  • Arrange for the payroll

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