Excellent Opportunity – Station Head

A leading Aviation Industry Group of Companies is looking for an experienced and energetic Station Head for Karachi Airport operations. Submit your CV on https://pakistanjobssearch.com

Station Head Responsibilities:

  • Planning, organizing, and directing of all MRAS operational activities at KHI airport.
  • Leading, developing coaching and motivating managers to develop and utilize their skills.
  • Maximizing business potential and revenue, identifying, and developing new business opportunities.
  • Leading service delivery to customer airlines in accordance with service level agreements and agreed budgetary levels.
  • Instilling policies and procedures designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the station, whilst promoting sound safety, security, and people management practices.
  • Establishing, maintaining, and promoting effective working relationships with both internal and external customers.
  • Monitoring budget performance and ensuring economical resource utilization with a view to minimizing operational cost and maximizing operative efficiency.
  • Ensure effective and efficient labor utilization, whilst also actively controlling all station resources activities.
  • Assess workforce and resources in each department; suggest solutions and assist in recruiting process.
  • Safeguard the health, safety and welfare of staff, customers, and other visitors in compliance with the Company’s Health and Safety Policy.
  • Ensure that all staff fully understand that safety is the number one priority for the company.
  • Create and sustain a safe working environment and culture.
  • Continually challenge existing practices to create improvements in all areas.
  • Ensuring that daily audits take place in all areas of the operation.

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