CEO Profile

SM Hasan

Is a seasoned supply chain management professional with a remarkable track record spanning three decades. He has demonstrated exceptional expertise in various domains, including Business Development, Retails Operations, Human Resources and Training. Throughout his illustrious career, SM Hasan has been a driving force behind optimizing supply chain processes, enhancing organizational efficiency and fostering strategic partnership. His commitment to excellence combined with a profound understanding of industry dynamics, has led to outstanding achievements in a highly competitive business environment.

SM Hasan possesses an in-depth understanding of end-to-end logistics, procurement, inventory management and distribution strategies. He has consistently excelled in devising innovative solutions to streamline operations, minimize costs and maximize profitability. He has been instrumental in identifying growth opportunities and forging valuable relationships with key stakeholders. His strategic acumen and market insight have resulted in the successful expansion of business footprints and increased market share for various organizations.

SM Hasan through meticulous planning and effective execution has established a reputation for driving operational excellence. His adeptness in process optimization and resource allocation has heightened productivity and seamless supply chain workflows. Having held prominent positions in retail management, he understands the intricacies of the retail sector. He has adeptly managed inventory, visual merchandising and customer relations to ensure outstanding shopping experiences and bolstered brand loyalty.

SM Hasan’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a positive work culture has made him a respected leader in human resources. He has spearheaded training programs to develop skillset, boost employee engagement and align team with organizational goals. Recognized for designing and executing employee training programs that significantly improved workforce productivity and employee satisfaction.

SM Hasan holds a master's degree in supply chain management from a prestigious institution. He continues to pursue professional development opportunities to stay abreast of industry trends and best practices.

Currently he partnered in a Real Estate Development Company in Islamabad.