Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager Profile

Saad Waqas is an AI Engineering Graduate, expertise in Artificial Intelligence business modules and development. His role in PSJ as Business Development Manager as follows:

Saad Waqas works on integrating AI and machine learning algorithms into the company's recruitment processes. He develops tools to automate candidate screening, analyzes resumes and applications using natural language processing, and even creates predictive models to identify the best-fit candidates based on historical data and job requirements.

Saad Waqas analyzes large sets of recruitment data to identify trends and patterns that can inform the company's hiring strategies. He creates visualizations and reports to help the company make data-driven decisions in terms of sourcing, candidate assessment, and improving the overall recruitment pipeline.

Given his AI background, Saad serves as an advisor to the company's leadership team on emerging technologies and their potential impact on the recruitment industry. He could identify opportunities for innovation, such as using AI-powered chatbots for initial candidate interactions or implementing virtual reality for remote interviews and assessments.