Civil Engineer

Our client is seeking a highly qualified, professional and experienced Civil Engineer. He will be handling all construction sites independently. He will be responsible for project design, implementation, and completion of project. Apply now on

Qualification & Experience:

  • DAE/Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience as professional Civil Engineer.
  •  Proficient in CAD software for Civil design, analysis, and prototyping (preferred but not mandatory
  • Expertise in designing and implementing Civil Construction systems.
  • Familiarity with industry standards and regulations.
  • Project management experience within Civil Construction development.
  • Meticulous attention to detail in Civil Engineering design and documentation.
  • A keen interest in staying updated with emerging technologies in construction
  • Certification or licensure in relevant engineering disciplines (preferred but not mandatory)
  • Proven track record of successful Civil engineering project  


  • Make Detail BOQ , Cost Estimates, Rate Analysis & Standard as per approved drawing from management. 
  • Prepare Bar Bending Schedule and Technical documents for the Project.
  • Prepare Contract documents and Bidding documents for the Project.
  • Assist in completion of department tasks i.e. prepare business plans, purchase / demand requisitions. 
  • Assist in preparation of company and departmental level documents e-archive, project acceptance and completion certificates.
  • Verification of interim payment certificates (IPCs) / running bills submitted by the vendors and processing of payments as per contract. 
  • Ensure compliance with HSE Standars, Security Protocols and other affairs for smooth working at site
  • Arrangement of meeting with consultants, contractor, sub-contractor and other authorities.
  • Making reports construction schedule, maintenance schedule and their implementation within time and budget.
  • Explain drawing to construction team and engineers to provide adjustments as necessary and interpret specification.
  • Must also conduct site visits as per Department head Instructions

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